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Is there any ways to understand fake/spam clients?

Is there any ways to understand fake/spam clients?


I also see other posts talking about fake and spam clients. I think it happens because some popular YouTuber or social media influencer made a video about “How to make money” or something like that and they mention fiverr. Now all of the audience are signing in and start ordering without knowing how thing works here and end up canceling because they were asking too much.


I think by healthy communication with customers can help us to decide which one is the best customer and it will help us to filter out spammers.


You can avoid all that hassle. Just avoid:

  • Anyone who starts a message with “Dear”
  • Buyers who say they have a very interesting proposition for you
  • Any buyer who wants you to create them a sample or complete a free test project
  • All buyers who say “If this works out, I’ll have lots more work for you!”
  • Anyone who after 2 x messages still can’t say what they want
  • All buyers who try to get you to commit to anything like a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Filter out those messages and you filter out over 90% of scammers in the process.


Adding to what @cyaxrex said:

  • All buyers who try to get you to commit to unlimited revisions.

Also avoid anyone who starts out saying in the first message they have tried a lot of sellers and none of them were good, they were all scammers. Although those don’t usually order anyway they just waste your time.

It’s also good to try to avoid those who want to chat or ask endless questions which take up lots of your time. Not because they are scammers, but because they will take up $10,000 worth of time.


I faced same problem hacker try to access my gmail than I recovery my gmail. Thanks #cyaxrex #maitasun for information


All buyers who try to get you to commit to anything like a 100% satisfaction guarantee

that’s not true " 100% satisfaction guarantee " means mostly that the seller is 100% he/she deliver what is in the offer or gig.


This has happened twice to me over the past couple months. One person ordered a gig (English lesson), we talked briefly over ■■■■■, and all he wanted was to buy my Upwork account. His sob story was that his primary source of income was through Upwork, and they deleted his account. Nope.

The second person sent me a message in a PDF file stating that they can’t get many good jobs from their Upwork account, so they wanted me to create an account from my country and sell it to them. I said that’s against their TOS, and I’m not risking my Upwork account. They said they’d buy mine. Nope.

What cyaxrex said applied to both of them.


Really effective points. Thanks

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I like to know the answer for this situations as well.

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Anyone who immediately mentions the budget (that sounds too good to be true).

“We need you to do something that takes you an hour to complete and, by the way, our budget is $500”.

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And not only that, but also state how long it will take you to get the job done. I’ve seen buyers doing this a few times… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That’s very helpful. I’ve been here for just a few months and have received messages exactly like those. Needless to say, none of them ended up with a sale.


So true. Frame it and make it blink.


I will add people who say things like “it won’t take long to someone who knows what they’re doing”, or “my budget is low so you need to love what you do”.


I have learned to stay away from any client that talks in percentages. :frowning:

I had a buyer who asked me to rewrite a document and make it 100% better. I said I would. :slightly_smiling_face:

Then he canceled the order because 15% of the words were the same as before I did the rewrite. :flushed:

He said he wanted the words to be 100% different. I pointed out that it would be impossible to use 100% different words as there are many words such as “and, the, & a” and so on that had to be used repeatedly. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

His answer was, 100% is 100% and CS sided with the client. :weary:

I felt very cheated as it was a significant order that took me much time to complete. :rage:


:astonished: :flushed: :roll_eyes:

It would be so fun your buyer saying those same words to a Nobel Prize in Literature and see the answer he/she gets back. :joy: