Is there anymore to achieve?


I have achieved the following:

30 days as a user
30 days without TOS warning
100% completion rate
100% on time delivery
4.9-star rating
100% response rate
16 completed orders

And yet I haven’t received the L1 badge. Is there anything else i haven’t achieved?


All those are the criteria for 15th January onward (or the evaluation date shown in your Analytics page). These factors are taken into account only from that date forward, when Fiverr will implement the new Levels system.


So, what are the criteria for now?


Did you not have your level 1 removed?


I think i have explained this here


I have not received the L1 badge before, i was only asking that on someone’s behalf.


Okey dokey - just drop CS a wee note and ask them - I’m sure they’ll put you on the right level.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks buddy :pray:, i never thought of that.


That is a great start. More sales, help more people. You can do it! Michael


No, its Perfect not Michael


You will need to have an all time earnings total of $400.


Try this method now and let us know if there any change.

Pause your any two gigs.


Thanks everyone, I created another topic
Title is: Now in L1, I made it

You can check it here