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Is there anyone else working as hard as me, I got piles(Haemorrhoids)... :(


Since I got my gig started getting noticed, I get a lot of orders, like over 30 in the queue everyday…

My gig is about drawings, each one needs at least half hour, I have to sit down and draw over 10 hours a day to keep up.

Now I’ve got PILES(Haemorrhoids)!!! :frowning:


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Thanks, it is great that i have lots of orders, but my bum hurts…


Wow! Cool stuff.

Sorry to hear about your problem :frowning:

Hope you can get it solved quickly :slight_smile:

jeffmoses said: no point spending hours on something for example

Hmm, I spend hours on all my orders... :-? anyways, you said to also make sure a gig is worth 5 bucks to a buyer - but haven't you noticed that most buyers always expect a lot more for just 5 bucks? :P


Just make sure your gig is worth $5 of your time and $5 to a buyer, no point spending hours on something for example :wink:


That is great and welcome to Fiverr. Good luck with your gig(s) in 2013


Reply to @lparziale: Yes, busy is good :smiley: But sometimes it gets too busy, which can be bad for health :wink:


Yeah, looks like this is happening to all the best of us… after 3 years on Fiverr, I now work 14hrs a day (sleeping 5-6hrs, and the rest goes to food & toilet time :stuck_out_tongue: ), and I had to quit my social life just to be able to handle all those piles of orders - my bottom hurts from time to time, my back is killing me… but I need to work in order for me & my family to survive since there are no other work possibilities where I live :frowning:

Which leads me to a fiverr feature suggestion: the possibility of limiting the max number of orders, either per day, or at any moment, thus making it possible to handle the piles much easier… this way I could also make time for social life from time to time without having to suspend my gigs and lose all my clients :slight_smile:

But there is, however, a downside to this feature: if you reach the max number of orders, any potential buyer won’t be able to purchase your gig and will obviously go to another gig, which is bad… :frowning: unless… unless they can purchase the gig but will be sent to the queue, which would solve most of the problems :smiley:

madmoo said: isn't that the same as them ordering though?

No, because if they get added to a queue, their orders will get delayed until you have time for them (so their orders won't become visible to you if you've reached the max no of orders), therefore the delivery countdown won't start if they are on that waiting queue ;)

madmoo said: Most of the time they're not expecting a quick delivery, but because I do that, I feel bad if I don't deliver within a day or at most 2.

That's exactly how I feel, and I thought I were the only one striving to deliver that fast - glad I'm not alone :)

P.S. I just managed to finish all my orders, and I now feel like I'm on holidays :))


Hey ^^ i love your style, your gig is my first collection on Fiverr ^< but take care of your health, pause the gig to save your health ^_^

madmoo said: I just can't say no!

Tell me about it... I'm worse since I worked on all holidays, including Christmas and New Year's Eve :) But hey, I should be thankful for getting orders, so.. :P


Reply to @princemaxx: Thanks, Just saw the doctor yesterday, got some help. Hope it sorts itself out soon… :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: HAHAHAHAH… Yeah, A"sick" note would help… :slight_smile:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thank you… I love your gigs too, they are fun!!

Thanks for the link about the chair… I guess I need work a lot more to get it… :slight_smile:


Reply to @Woofy31: WOW!! You are working really hard!! 14 hours, i can’t beat that… just working 10 hours is killing me, actually i’m planning to have at least 1 hour walk in the park every day… Maybe worth you considering… Your health is the most important… :slight_smile:


Reply to @junoteam: ^^ Thanks for collecting my gig. I will give you an extra bonus if you order my gig. you can copy and paste these words to me if you decide to have a portrait drawn one day, by me… ^^


Reply to @hironan: Sure ^^ i’m thinking about that, will contact soon ^__<

hironan said: i'm planning to have at least 1 hour walk in the park every day.. Maybe worth you considering.. Your health is the most important.. ^_^

Be warned, because at first I was also working around 8-10hrs a day, then I increased it to 11, then 12, now I'm at 14 - what if I reach to 24? :D

Anyways, I tried taking a 1hr walk, but everytime I got back I was overwhelmed by the piles of orders - so I'd rather be around when orders happen, to handle them easier and at my own pace :P


Busy is good, yes?


Reply to @Woofy31: That they do but never think it is a good idea to read the gig description…