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Is there anyone give me a job?

how to i will do increase click, impression , rank on my gig


Fiverr is not easy money!

It takes time and effort to build your Fiverr business.

Check this out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!


I am not you I am the right one to tell you that … because I am new in here and have no sell jet. but I think you need to be very active in here .change you gig form time to time … be online every day. … post on the forum every day , look at what the buyer are posting every day … and apply for all the gig you have the skill and time to do … sooner or later somone will bit . and give you a chance … and remember when you get one … do a H of a good job … try to do better then you need to … if they like your work they might come back or give you a good review

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I spend lot of time here 18 hours as a day, I don’t understand what are the problem. thank you.

Your english for sure.

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yes, I can’t English very well . Please check my profile.

you need to improve your gig more and more…then u can get order

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I can do this. Thank you.

I hope this will help you…
Share your gig on social media.It helps to get your impressions and clicks.

Best Wish for you…

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Who told you being active inforum will help ? Everyone here is sellers , no one will buy your gig. It’s not even connected to fiverr and it will not affect your ranking. I’m living example of this doesn’t work like that