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Is there anyone here who purchased a love spell from a top rated seller? Please tell me if they really worked!

I need customers’ comments and stories of their real experience. Please respect this thread. I need to know the very truth from buyers who purchased spell casting services. Thanks.


Sounds like the same question as here. Maybe you can also find an answer.

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I already checked them but I found not so much information. Usually the comments are none convincing that the spell really works. Where are those people who put 5 stars, there are thousands of them. Can they prove it here?

I doubt a “love spell” from Fiverr would really work, mate. Note me down as a skeptic, but if you do believe in the existence of love spells and whatnot try looking for professional services from actual witches.
Although, I doubt anyone who seriously practices things within the boundaries of Wicca and whatnot would even offer such services, seeing as a “love spell” would be like forcing someone to love you and, in turn, go against the general rule of “do no harm”.
In short:
Sorry mate, but answer’s probably something among the lines of they’re all scams or something of the sort.

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As a former (and maybe soon to be again) professional Tarot Reader I would say that Spells, in the traditional simplistic sense people take them do not work. Cannot work. This is largely because there is no chemical connection between you, me, a candle, and some smelly oils.

However there is a very well established understanding around the Placebo effect. If you believe that a sugar pill will make you well, you may just Psych yourself back into wellness. That can be powerful juju.

As for you taking the sugar pill and Brad Pitt falling heard over heels, that is far too great a stretch. Even if you take the Quantum thing into account.

What can happen under the placebo effect (esp with a bit of relaxing lavender oil) is that you may start to let go of why you are currently unloved/unlovable and either meet a new person or let an existing person through your wall.

Would I buy a spell? No. Do I go to someone I call Dr America who lies me on a bench and has me breathe whilst stretching a bit? Yes.


It wasn’t a love spell, but I did buy a spell out of pure desperation from this guy years ago because my cat was missing. (it was one of those I’ll make any wish come true type of spell)
Did my cat come home? Yes. But it was because I spent weeks searching for him,
calling out his name, while making clinking noises with a fork and his favorite
can of cat food.
If my cat was standing right outside my window within days of me purchasing the spell,
I would have been a believer.

Did the spell work? I…have to say no. At least, NOT in this case.
Yes my cat DID return, but I strongly
believe it was due to my hard work. :sweat_smile:

I’m not trying to bad mouth this seller (I’m not even sure if he is still around), the guy did have good ratings so I’m guessing he must have made a good number of buyers happy…so, what can I say???

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Of course not, but the fact that you even need to ask is worrying. There’s no such things as “spells”, “magic”, etc. That should be obvious.

Then again, some people still insist the earth is flat, so…

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I’d suggest doing a Google search and browsing in forums dedicated to this kind of thing, they exist. There are not many buyers who post here at all, and still fewer who’d post about this kind of very personal thing.


I did purchase not one not two but three! I think a few weeks into the pandemic and when lockdown was imposed I was desperate to reconnect with m ex and I purchased a love spell but unfortunately that didn’t work.
Yet again a couple of weeks back I wanted to try this out again and I purchased two love spells from two different sellers - level 2 seller with 1k+ reviews and level 1 seller with 100+ reviews, I dont know if this will work or not but the numerous 5 star ratings is actually quite deceiving if it doesn’t work!
I feel there should be someway to regulate these kind of sellers without people having to waste money and get nothing in return.

Its about a month since the spells have been done and so far I haven’t seen results. If by any chance I do I will surely update.


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Thanks for sharing. Did you try the top rated seller?