Is there anyone on Fiverr who does not copy paste stock art?


Im pretty new to Fiverr…
Im trying to get a logo for my company since a couple of weeks now. I end up getting copy pasted stuff from stock images. I mean I understand that you cant expect that much for 5$ but I ordered more expencive gigs and everyone seems to do the same. Ive been working with 8 designers already and I get always realy aweful stuff.
I mean I dont have to pay 5$ Dollar for google free stock art put it together in Photoshop and write my company name below it.
Do I expect to much or is this just normal on Fiverr? And is there anyone out here on Fiverr who is realy a graphic designer or is here everyone copy pasting?
Im pretty frustrated -.-


I understand you´re getting frustrated, if you already had that many bad experiences, in my category, translating, I do get customers who have been ordering a translation and received text mangled through google translate, which is comparable.
But just as there are a lot of real translators too, there are good and honest sellers in every category.
I have the impression that quite a few people who know what they are doing, what IP is and care for it and so on, are reading/writing on the forum, so probably at least some will reply and tell you how to look for clues - and maybe it would be a good idea to message one of those to talk business too :wink:
Don´t be frustrated though, life´s too short for that! :slight_smile:


Like I said in another thread, that’s the oversaturation of the market. Everyone thinks they can be a graphic designer nowdays, especially on a low-quality market like Fiverr. Pay more attention to who you order from.


Thank you miiila you are right.
I think another problem is that you cant give someone a rating when you cancel an order. There must be so many canceled orders on Fiverr and the rating of a lot of sellers would be much worse then they are just because of that.


Like I said you are not able to tell from a rating of a seller what he does because u cant rate someone who canceled the order… Not even the price says something about quality.


No, but his gig description / presentation says. How it’s written and how it look.s

You can look for signs to make sure it’s the right person for you.


I think they have seen that problem and have been tackling it with some recent changes in the order cancellation and feedback policy. At the least AFAIK now it´s not possible anymore for sellers to offer buyers a refund against taking back their negative review, and a buyer gets to leave a private feedback for fiverr only too, which certainly will take into account, else they´d hardly waste their time on it, and I guess, if there´s a lot of negative if private feedback on the same seller and they see it´s not just a buyer having a bad day, there will be some implications for the seller.


Some of the really good designers have thousands of reviews and that’s not easy to get by just manipulating and cancelling. Since you’ve tried some poor to mediocre gigs and the quality isn’t there, you could look for some logo designers who are level 2 - TRS, have lots of samples and reviews and perhaps even had logo gigs featured.

Using filters on search you can narrow it down. Choose someone with strong communication skills displayed in gig content. You may have to pay a little more and wait a little longer, but for some needs it’s worth it.


Ive been workign with lvl2 designers didnt change anything


I don’t mean just level 2. That alone isn’t much criteria unfortunately. I mean really doing a vetting process to narrow it down. It might also take ordering a sample concept sketch cheap to see if they can do original work and get a rapport with you.

These design companies (not freelancers) that charge thousands vet their designers. To get a bargain original logo for less than $500-1K takes some legwork.


@nilszander: I’ve had more positive experience than negative ones on Fiverr. Matter of fact, after experimenting with $5 to $10 orders; I’ve found several great editors, writers, proofreaders, translators from English to various other languages, eBook cover designers, book blurb, author profile, SEO, cartoon, avatars and on and on . . .

The only thing that I have yet to find is a great logo designer. I’ve hired anywhere from $5 to $25 designers from level 0 to level 2. I’ve spent quite a bit of money. I’ve had people use stock, people that steal (probably from Google), and really bad designs.

Fiverr seems to be great for almost everything and I know there are several great designers, I just haven’t found one yet. I think the problem is there are more logo designers than any other area.

It seems there are many who think designing logo is easy, they have zero experience with the intention of downloading from Google - I actually had a seller who truly didn’t understand why I was upset over it. Her response was it is a popular design and lots of people are using it. I didn’t know how to respond to that.

I can probably recommend almost everything, except for logo. Perhaps I’ll try B.R. once more.


I can imagine. Part of the problem I think is that there really are, without opening a Pandora’s box of reasons for that, lots of people who actually really don´t have even the foggiest idea of what they are doing. There are loads of ‘get rich on fiver quick’ blogs, and, obviously to get rich quick, something you don´t have to do actual work on yourself other than a few clicks to copy it from the internet and send it to a paying customer, is ideal.


searching a good seller is also an art…


I have a small company which eventually started from fiverr but just because most of the people try to get a logo design at just $5 and don’t understand the real effort we put in, I haven’t put a gig related to it yet. But, I might help you with that.


Unfortunately, logo design is one of those services which has such a seemingly easy entry point. It’s something people can do easily but not necessarily well (another service type like this is the voiceover category) - made easier by the fact the web is full of stock imagery, free icons etc.

As Fiverr is an open marketplace, the quality is always going to have up’s and down’s. In a category full of ten’s of thousands of gigs (it is very over-saturated), there may be a bigger leaning towards the “down” and it’s not always easy to moderate every gig listed (reporting the gigs in questions will help Fiverr moderators remove the problem services. They are also actively working on removing “bad” gigs daily).

When working with a new designer (if you have reservations), I recommend ordering the lowest package possible and upgrading to the files required etc if the deliverable meets your expectations.

In terms of seller’s I’d recommend, I’d personally vouch for @logo_business and @Newbold3D. They are both Top Rated Sellers, “Super Sellers” and two guys I’ve had the pleasure of meeting personally. As the category is so populated, it’s not always easy to find the best quality (most orders or highest-rated doesn’t always mean the best suited for you in such a subjective category).



As a service to those looking for great logo designers, I’ll toss my hat into the ring (along with the great designers @twistedweb123 suggested). I have a college degree in design, a strong reputation, and have been designing professionally for nearly two decades.

It can indeed be challenging to find good designers here on Fiverr that match project needs – especially since the market is so saturated. I’m happy to help others find some of those great designers by offering search tips, design advice, and providing recommendations as needed.

Fiverr is a community. We can all work together to help others find what they are looking for.


It’s true that there aren’t any 5$ gigs which offer a custom made high dpi vectorized logo, but it is not true that there are no designers on Fiverr who offer custom work. Just put ‘logo design’ in the Fiverr search bar, you will find designers who have like 30k sales to their name, they are offering a custom logo for 60$. It’s legit stuff.


Everyone please remember that self promotion does not belong in Tips. Suggesting other sellers is not self promotion, although it’s something to be careful not to overdo. Self promotion here is spam. Thanks!


Since I assume you are referring to my comment, my goal was not to self-promote. I was merely clarifying that there are other great, professional logo artists out there… and as one myself, if people are having trouble finding great designers, I am happy to help them find the good designers they seek. I know of plenty of designers (other than myself) to recommend. I’m offering to help connect buyers… not trying to sell my services.

I ask that you don’t jump to conclusions. You know me @fonthaunt. You know that I am aware of the forum rules.


I think there is a fine line between promoting yourself as a promoter of others and self promotion of your gigs. This line is even more difficult if you are talking about services you offer. As well as the fact that your comment was flagged by others, I think it was important for a moderator to point out that self promotion is not ok, lest we have people seeing your post and thinking self promotion is ok.