Is there anyone out there who has been active for a year or more NEVER had a slump?


I ask the question in my title because regularly we see posts about no sales, dropping in ranking, and so on. I have no stats to back up my assumptions but my guess is that all of us has hit a slump more then once during our Fiverr career (lets say a year or more = a career).

In my experience there is no secret formula other than trying to shake things up a bit. Maybe a new video, reword or rewrite your gig description or link your fiverr URL to the outside world. When things did turn around for me I never knew exactly why, but my guess is that if I did nothing, nothing would of changed.

I have a sneaky suspicion that part of why things turn around has to do with Fiverr updates. I’m not sure how often Fvierr updates the site but after an update I immediately check out who is leading the pack for my keyword to see if my site is in line with the top sites.

Ok…that is my advise on how to survive a slump. If any others have any suggestions, chip in.

I know we all panic a bit, even the veterans, and wonder what is going on. I doubt the CS people know what is happening at every given moment so don’t expect miracles from CS. However, if CS told me told me if I ran naked down main street that they would rank my gig number one for my top 3 keywords for a year, I’m ready :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night.


Things are a little slower for me this week. But it’s nice on a holiday week to be able to breathe a little.

I think if you are focused on building repeat customers and offering services that naturally have repeat customers. You are less likely to fluctuate as much. I would say that 75% of my customers are repeat business. So their orders have nothing to do with search results. They are going to order anyways, unless it is the week of Christmas. :slight_smile: The other 25% of my orders are dependent on the Fiverr search engine.

I have had my whiteboard video turned off for the last 3 months because I was getting too many messages and orders. My podcast editing gig is slowly growing and I needed a breather. I’m at a point where I don’t want to go up on the price or the lengthen the duration of deliver for the whiteboard videos. I just find myself making custom orders for repeat whiteboard clients. I just find myself turning it on on a week like this week to get a few orders in. And yes (One of the Fiver Fears) after the whiteboard gig has been paused for 3 months, I start getting messages after about a day.

One thing I have noticed about the traffic. It doesn’t really matter that much to me. I only want 5-10 orders per day. If I produce at a level that is in the top 15% of the providers, I will always have work, no matter how the traffic fluctuates.

The thing I could work on the most is converting impressions to clicks.

November 30th
Impressions 1367
Clicks 41

That means that Fiver put a visual of my thumbnail in front of 1367 people and only 41 of them clicked on my thumbnail and actually read my offer and possibly watched the video. i went on to get 6 orders that day. To me that is how important your thumbnail image is. If I could raise the number of clicks by continuing to optimize my thumbnail. I would see higher sales without worrying about keywords and search rankings, etc.

Is this crazy talk?


Last year at this time is was crickets and tumble weeds. This year I had the best December ever. It does get slow this time of year. There are times that things drop hard. This is when I usually update the gig photos or deals. Have faith in the service you supply and the buyers will return.


It constantly goes up and down. Only in the last three months have I ever gone an entire day or even two days with no sales. That part is a first in my four years here. Number of sales are half what they used to be a year ago.