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Is there anyone who can help me?

Hello everyone!

I am a new seller on Fiverr Community. I have to join Fiverr about seven days ago and made five gigs, but I can’t get many impressions, view, clicks even still not get a single please, any experienced seller checks my profile and my gigs, then tell me what problem with my profile and gigs. It will help me a lot if you find out about my issues.

Thanks in advance!

My Fiverr profile link-


when you start as a new seller no one really knows you, so your job is to optimize your gig as best as possible with amazing images, copywriting, and create a very good and competitive offer. Look at your competitors and ask yourself “how is my offer compared to them” if your offer is not as good as them then work on it, maybe create bonuses for each order. As for impressions you need to promote your gigs on social media, blogs, youtube etc… Hope this helps :grinning:


Thanks for your kind information. It’s really help to improve my gig.

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Make the cover image of your gig more attractive .Than you are more likely to get an order.Also try to stay active for 24 hours and Be patient

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I will try and thanks for your tips.

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