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Is There Anything Happen?


I Recently got 10 - 15 Orders Per day Since 2 - 3 days My Orders are Really Slow :frowning:

is this Common Issue or Something ?

My Gigs keeping same place also in Search Results :slight_smile:

Hope I can get better answer :slight_smile:

It’s a common thing here on Fiverr. Sales can be like a roller coaster sometimes. There are times of many sales, and times of few. You just have to ride the wave – as you would in any business. Keep improving and promoting your gigs (elsewhere on the internet), and you’ll be setting yourself up for the possibility of more sales in the future.

Fiverr’s ranking is going down day by day and the traffic to site this month is down too. I think this is one of many reason why sale is low.

Part of the reason is that Fiverr has a way of rotating sellers in and out of the spotlight - everybody gets a turn, right? But then, part of it too is that new sellers get special attention and boosted impressions in search results, whereas once you become a level 2 seller the extra attention is removed to help other sellers get established.

So look at your analytics. If you’re not getting enough impressions, then you need to add or update a video preview and adjust your title and keywords. But if you’ve got enough impressions but your buyers aren’t converting, then you need to adjust your gig description, preview pictures, and PDF’s (sample work!). See the difference? The first problem is if you’re not capturing enough attention. The second problem is if you’re not communicating the value.

Fiverr got downtime a lot at this time. Actually at this moment, when i’m typing this post, i can’t open Fiverr homepage. Yesterday i got Bad Request error when i’m sending message to my buyers.

Yeah, i have that problem too, but a friend of mine said to me that he is facing the same problem, so i think you will have to be patient :slight_smile: My best

Reply to @jonbaas: Great explanation and I like these tips as well!

Reply to @fivergraphics5:
I’m happy to help. :slight_smile:

Reply to @dungdung: One reason sales are low is that this time of year is vacation for people in many parts of the world, many have children home from school, etc. It is a normal time for some dips.

As far as Fiverr ranking, it may be true but I’ve seen people talk about it as long as I’ve been on Fiverr and I still see “boom” times and then slow ones. Reading back in older posts on the forum, people have predicted the demise of Fiverr since it started and the same ebb and flows have always come and gone.

Of course, someday Fiverr will bite the dust in some way, but predictions of this sort don’t mean a whole lot. In the meantime, sales will still go up and down. Best thing to do is keep working at it but also don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Reply to @jonbaas: Thank you for the information mate. Im New to Here and its new experience for me…:smiley:

Reply to @dungdung: its Bad news :frowning: but Fiverr is the Best maybe.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Yep You are correct maybe :slight_smile:
Thanks for the Information mate.

Reply to @jamesbulls: Thanks for the Informations.
in analytics page and my gig section. my page views and impressions are increase day by day. but its not enough Order per day :slight_smile:

I think it might be a Vacation.
Thanks anyway.

Reply to @dungdung: Yep I also noticed it :frowning: I think they are updating site.

Reply to @natureflame: Yep that is the best way :smiley:

Reply to @dungdung: Yeah, my sales took a nose-dive while the site was down for whatever business it was doing. Site came back up, and so did my sales.