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Is there anything I can do to appeal malicious warnings?

I run a development gig and I recently had a nightmare customer who would constantly argue with me and claim things I had made were broken despite me logging in to the server I was working on with him and proving that they were working and the customer seemed quite offended when I refused to do work outside of the order scope. The customer would also purposefuly break code and blame me for things that I know are working since the thing he decided to do it on just so happened to be a part of my gig that all of my customers get and don’t have an issue with.

That being said, this customer was dissatisfied and left a 1 star review on my profile, ok I can live with that he was dissatisfied and he is allowed an opinion, but this customer followed that up with reporting me to CS for supposedly “using the delivery button to send incomplete, partial, or an empty delivery” despite me completing all work in the scope and attaching log in details for the customer to have access to everything themselves.

Is there a way to protest these warnings or are they permanent because I feel that I have in no way violated the ToS and the customer is maliciously attacking me for no apparent reason.

Contact customer support. They most of the time will take a look and remove any warnings that you don’t deserve. It has happened to me in the past and they went through our discussions and delivery and removed the warning.


Will deffinately do this, from the order conversation it’s clear that I delivered my product and the buyer acknowledge that he was able to access it! This is a huge kick in the teeth to me, recently I’ve had an order cancellation from a customer who placed an order and expected me to pay for hosting and then this guy resulting in my gig impressions flat lining at 0.

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Update: CS told me that I had abused the delivery button and not delivered anything and gave me the order that I had done it on, I checked and oh look I delivered my product as usual with an attatched document (Screenshot - 26ce1888583099c57f9010e79cf514fb - Gyazo) for the customer to access everything. CS has now closed the ticket and left me in the dirt despite doing no wrong :frowning_face:

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That’s awful, I’m sorry to hear that.

Same thing happened to me here, a buyer was asking for more than agreed and kept requesting modifications. I contacted CS but wouldn’t help. Buyer left me a bad rating and reported me for delivering incomplete delivery. I tried to show CS messages between me and the buyer and mentioned I delivered everything agreed, but I still received a warning. I reported the buyer but CS did nothing. Now the buyer reported me and CS is asking me to communicate with the buyer and deliver what’s left or the case will be considered for further action. This is the 3rd person from CS I speak to, regarding this situation, and everyone seems to mention different things. Nightmare situation.

ToS violations only apply to sellers, at least in practice, sadly. Hopefully we’ll find better buyers in the future.


I feel this, had a customer approach me for my developing services to work on a server they’d bought from another seller, when I looked into his server I spotted several different scripts that I have authored and released under no license meaning the seller has no comercial rights over it, when I reported the clear violation to customer support they’ve done nothing about it and the ticket has been open now for almost a month.

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