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Is there anything stopping scammers from getting work for free?

Hello! I’m Dylan and I’ve been selling on Fiverr since March.

I do business with Google Slides and Google Forms, both of which I share with the person via Google Drive and don’t actually attach anything to the order.

This hasn’t happened to me, but I had a question about the system - what’s stopping someone from getting the work then filing for a dispute/canceling and getting a refund and also taking your work?

I don’t need an urgent response or anything, this is mostly out of curiosity.

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The thing is, on the Fiverr order itself, I’m not attaching anything. I could put a watermark on the Google Form/Slide but they probably wouldn’t want it and would remove it themselves.

I think so that is a big problem
Worked 18-22 hour days for over a month

Generally the people are honest and fair. You might get some bumps along the journey, but always remember that. Now with your particular gig, I would try and put a watermark if possible just to protect your work.

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What is stopping them hopefully is you saying no, you will not accept a cancellation request, and continuing to say that forever if you need to.

If you delivered the order as described in the gig, you don’t need to allow them to cancel.