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Is there anything that can be done about buyers who fail to pay for jobs delivered?

I delivered a job to a buyer. The buyer said it sounded great, but requested a revision. I promptly made the revision. The buyer requested another revision, which I accommodated. The end result was essentially the same as it was at the start, but with a couple of tweaks. I delivered second revision on March 6th. I had no response from buyer, so I messaged buyer on March 19th, requesting an update, and got no response. I messaged the buyer again on March 31st, asking what the situation is, and have still had no response.

Is it a gamble that we take that some buyers will not honour the job and our services provided?

Thank you,

May I ask how did you deliver the file?

If you’d send it by using the “Deliver Now” button on the order’s page, the order would autocomplete in 3 days after the most recent delivery if there were no more revisions requested. And you’d get paid in 7-14 days depending on your level.


Hello, generally a buyer is someone who buys. They place an order, then you do the job and deliver it on the order page using the delivery button. Once it “completes” meaning after a waiting period, you get paid automatically by this site. You will see your earnings under the “earnings” button.

After you deliver the job you don’t need to message the buyer again since you will be paid your 80% automatically.