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Is there anything that you miss on my GIG?


Hey everyone, I’ve been “working” here on fiverr for a little bit of pocket money, and I was now wondering if any of you would like to check out the gig, just to give me some feedback on the gig page, is the grammar etc correct, or would you like to have more information, etc…



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I’d suggest putting up a bulleted list with the main benefits, how much time you are willing to spend trying to fix things and what to do in case of you getting stumped.

The no-cure no-pay thing isn’t really going to work because on Fiverr, if a buyer is unhappy with your work they will ask for a cancellation anyway (most likely) so it’s not a unique selling point.

There is the option to “request modification” so you might opt for offering, say, one hour of work time - and one additional hour using request modification.

It might also help to name any specific software-related skills you have. Being able to fix Office and Windows issues might be less unique than being able to debug an SQL database, fix a lost installation that was deleted from the registry, or something damaged by a virus.

You might also list of you can only fix Windows, or also Linux, Apple, and other operation systems.


I have updated my gig,

Thank you a lot for your feedback on this! It helps a lot to have an objective brain processing the information on that page.

If I may ask, do you think I should make a video, and if so, what should I put in it ?

(I have never made a promotional video before so I have absolutely no idea how to do it properly!)




Reply to @fmashiro: That depends on your own creativity and the means at your disposal.

You could make a simple video made up of a number of pictures, showing a user with PC trouble, you connecting remotely and then the PC being fixed, with a voice over explaining what your services entail.

Generally, videos increase your sales. I personally don’t use them but that’s more because I am shy than because I think it’s not a good idea.