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Is there anything wrong in my gig content?


Can anyone review my gig content as well as gig creation? Is there any fault found? kindly let me know, coz my gig impression is decreasing gradually.

Thanks in advance.![:slightly_smiling_face:


Couldn’t detect anything particularly wrong with it. Are you replying to buyer requests? If the people you contact there look at your gig, you can boost your impressions a little.


Thank you @translationsger. Yes i am replaying to buyer request all the time. but one thing i am sharing my gigs in social media everyday but my gig impression is decreasing. can you tell me, how can i improve it ?


Change the gig tags it will help you.


@zaiba202 thank you for giving this suggestion.


The gig says you do “24/7” support. Can you do that because you are part of a team? It isn’t clear. Your bio refers to “I” and at other times “we” or “us”. It’s not clear if it is a team that does the job or just you.

Also, maybe “convey your thoughts and vision to life” could be “bring your thoughts and vision to life”.