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Is there anything wrong in my profile or gig for why I'm not getting orders?

Please help me, I am on Fiverr for long time but got only order yet. Can you guys plz look at my profile and gigs and tell me what is the problem… Thanks in advance.

your entry level package is too high, Now you are new and also you have no level .No buyers will get confidence to order you with this high budget . when you will be a level 2 seller then you can create this types of high budget gig package.But for now you should decrease the package price,Because other people are giving same service with low budget


Thanks for your suggestion. Brother can you tell please me what type of budget I should go on?

Check other New seller or Level one seller profile what types of budget they set for their gig and what service they provide. Research 5-10 sellers profile then you will understand what types of budget you should set for your gig package. Most importantly try to set your basic package in 5USD, this will also help to get order soon. And I saw your gig, in your gig logo the colour you use it not looks like professional. Try to use a professional color that will attract buyers.

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