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Is there anything wrong to send source file at inbox?

Help me with this info

  • Is there anything wrong to send source file at inbox??

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It’s risky, so I don’t know why you would want to do that. If you send a source file to a buyer via the inbox, you have no proof via the delivery method or in the order conversation that you sent it. Once a buyer has the file, they could tell you that they don’t like it and try to get you to cancel the order and you might end up with no file and no payment. I could go on with other reasons that its risky, but I’m not sure why you would want to do it anyway, so that’s good enough for now.

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My question is

  • is that risky for my account would fiverr ban my account for this???
    [note] my buyer asking for a little bit change. I can’t ask to placing order for this.

I don’t know of any rule against delivering a file because you want to offer a free change. You could write to Customer Support to be sure, but I doubt that’s a problem.

Thank you for your information

I actually sent a jpg to a client that wanted to have a look at the preview before accepted the offer. (I started working on it already assuming he was accepting the offer and I didn’t check) I also thought that any attachment inbox has not the fiverr’s watermark on it… so I suppose he just downloaded it for free… It was my bad. 2 hrs of work wasted… Never send anything inbox. :frowning:

I think it would be surely risky if you send buyer in inbox before the completion of order. But you can do so after the completion of order and when you get payment. If the buyer want any change then you may send him/her in inbox.

That’s not safer. It’s riskier. You have no way to protect yourself.

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It means we can’t send buyer any work in inbox after order is marked as complete?

You can send source file even after completed.

  1. if buyer want some small changes after the order is completed
  2. You forget something in the source file
  3. There is problem with the source file, need re-send again.

There are many possible way why you can send source file after completed. But It’s not safe

That’s a bad experience. Always be careful. Once or twice I did a work before actually the buyer accepted the offer because I had free time and wanted to finish some minor projects. However I did that because those are returning clients of mine and I knew they would buy my services because we talked about it. I simply had the project done and delivered it almost instantly when he purchased it.

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