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Is there anything wrong with my gigs? This is my 5th day on fiverr


I don’t know what is wrong with my gigs. It is my 5th day on fiverr but everything is zero ( imp, clicks, order). I’m very skilled at whatever i’m offering. Is there anybody to have a look at my gigs and profile? I’ll appreciate any suggestion.


Promote your gigs on social media , and if you need help regarding marketing your gigs you can contact me :slight_smile:


Don’t worry I wish you all the success. Just hold tight. Soon you will get orders


Don’t worry about those zeros, the stats are not showing correctly for many users.

As for getting orders, it might take time. Some sellers have waited for quite a while before getting their first order. Good luck!


thanks @dil2014 and @catwriter :slight_smile:

Waiting for my first order.


Promote your gigs outside the site. Research to see what others are selling and how you can be competitive and make your offer catch people’s eyes. Get people you know to be your first buyers and give you excellent ratings (after you do excellent work for them, of course).


Do the following:

  1. Create Video For Your Gig

  2. Use the Buyer Request

  3. Look at the top rated seller in your niche and try to do what they did with their gig.




Be patient


5 day? Wow. Soooo long!

Or… let me put it like this. 5th day that’s it?

I was on Fiverr for months before regular gigs started rolling in.

Fiverr isn’t really a get rich quick kind of website. You need to earn your place.

You also have to realize that Fiverr (Or nobody else) is going to sell your gig for you.

You need to sell your gig yourself!

Facebook? Twitter? E-Mail? Family? Friends? Promote your gig to them! If you’re not going to market your own gig why would you sell anything? Nobody will market your gig except you.


One day will move for sure…