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Is there anyway I can get my first order within a week

I tried my best I make my stuff stand out and I’ve only been on Fiverr for about 4 days and have 150 impressions and 1 click can anyone help me get my first order. I do video editing, and thumbnail editing. I honestly think I will get my first order soon. I just need some pacific tips. Please check out my gig and tell me what I can fix. Also this may not even be my fault I am very inpatient.
Update: I have 198 impressions and it keeps updating every time I open the the app I also have 3 clicks as of this second it is updating live!!!


It took me a year to get my first job here.

You are offering a service that as a high percentage of competition.

That is going to impact the number of jobs you will receive.


Short answer is no. You are also in a very heavily subscribed market for sellers, so to get orders you will need to stand out.

It can take months to get your first order. Some never get one. It took me a month for my first order and I’d consider that fast.


In readiness for receiving a first order, I would urge you to spend some time refreshing your English. It is quite good but despite this, you are using certain words inappropriately. If this kind of thing happens when you communicate with buyers, it could lead to misunderstandings and an appearance of being unprofessional.

The two that stand out in your message are:

  • ‘pacific tips’. You mean ‘specific’.
  • and ‘I am very inpatient’. You mean ‘impatient’.

An ‘inpatient’ is someone who has been admitted to hospital! :slight_smile: So, be careful not to use words that only sound like the one you wanted to write–it may have a totally different meaning and mistakes like this can soon make a mess of your score for communications.

I wish you well though. I think you will get an order soon. But as others have said, try to be more competitive with your gigs so you have less competition.



Well, it is your fault if you are impatient or have unrealistic expectations.

Video and thumbnail editing are pretty saturated as far as categories go here, so, unless your listings stand out in some spectacular way, the chances of getting an order are going to be slim. Just because you think your stuff stands out does not mean those browsing the pages do. If you have 198 impressions and only 3 clicks, that tells me something about your listing is not catching the eye or standing out. My guess is, it looks like every other Gig in that category - regardless of what you may think.



All your gigs descriptions are too less in quantity.

In your video editing gig, the video was not very much attractive. Just texts are roaming with few animations. Since the gig is video editing, you must show your complete talents in the showcased video.

Also, buyers may believe you only if you have your own YouTube channel, subscribers doesn’t matter, but your talent matters.