Is there anyway to access my gig now, after denial of fiverr?


is there anyway to access my gig now, after denial of fiverr?


No there’s not a way to edit or fix a denied gig. It wasn’t corrected to their specifications.


so it means, i have lost my gig?


Hello, in what way did they want you to correct it?

I see they warned you about something. It says video denied. What video was it?


Yes that is what it means.
It either went against the TOS or they had issues and asked you to correct them and you didn’t.


Here’s your gig.


Hi…Actually that video was sample video(mandatory for gig). Accidently i removed that video, but when i uploaded it again. Fiverr deny tht video. But when i attempted to upload that same video again, Fiverr deactivate my account temporarily for almost half day. But now Fiverr denied my gig. IS there any way to edit it now via CS?


Why didn’t fiverr like the video?


i don’t know. …


Where did you get the video? You definitely shouldn’t use it again.


Yes i should not. But “misscrystal” have i lost my gig now? or i have some sort of chance to get it back. Kindly guide me.


I don’t know the answer. It seems to be the video that was the problem. But I am not the one to give a final answer. It looks like they asked you more than once to remove the video for some reason and you did not. So don’t use it again. If the whole gig was based on that one video then no you cannot have that gig again.


sorry for these sticky questions. But actually i have not a big experience here at fiverr. i know nothing about Fiverr’s rule & regulations.
So can you please tell me consequences of this mishap? i mean, i want to know that what i have actually lost after this denial of gig. Becuz that gig was ranked on 1st page. i have completed 8 orders there, 3 were in queue. i have some sort of relations with some of the clients. have i lost everything. Could you please suggest me that what should i do know alternatively?


You will have to figure that one out yourself.



You found someone’s video on the internet and used it in your gig. You can’t do that.
You are lucky that they did not remove your account. I found that video that you show in your gig and it’s not yours.


that was my own video ma’m. As i told you that when first time i upload that video, fiverr accept it. But then i feel to edit somethings to make it more attractive.That’s why i delete that same first video.And uploaded it after doing some changes. But this time fiverr refused to accept that.


for someone in the US with a Masters degree you misspelled your school and your local time isn’t in the USA.

If you want to succeed on fiverr, don’t lie about things. Be truthful about where you are located and only give examples of your own work.


Fiverr didn’t think it was yours. Your profile says:

M.Sc. - Information Technology
university of verginia,


Denied gigs are unrecoverable.