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Is there anyway to get even 1 order daily?


Hi all,

Is there anyway to get even 1 order per day ? sometimes it’s happens sometimes not, anyone can help me up?


I am also looking for something that way can give me a daily auto order,not from buyer request or other purpose


If anyone knew such a way, I’d like to know myself.
I will say this though, IF your gigs are absolutely great, I’m sure
orders will be pouring in daily. Are your gigs at that level?
If not, the best action you should take is to improve your gigs.


You need to get some traffic from outside

sources like Facebook, Instagram, and

other social media platforms.

Social media traffic will help boost your

social signal and increase your rate of

making sales.

I wish you the very best!


Social Media is the only reliable source of traffic you can have. The more platforms you use, the more chances you have to be noticed by a potential customer.