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Is there anyway to not make the buyer buy my gig?

The buyer sends me a custom order, I say sorry it doesn’t work for me (I was busy). Then he went on to order anyway. This annoyed the hell out of me. I do my gigs as a form of giving back to the community, not to earn money. Is there any way to not get these guys to buy my service? I referred him to my competitor, he still chose mine because he said he loved the reviews. I might be sounding like a B here, but I don’t want to get penalized (review-wise) or get extra work upon the work I have in my real time job… Can fiverr work on a feature like that to help sellers??


If you’re busy you can pause your gig. There’s also the out of office feature but that won’t stop existng buyers buying I think. You can also set a limit for the number of orders in the queue for each gig in the “gigs” page.


Check this out:

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You can set your account to the out-of-office mode, while “Allowing new buyers to contact you”. This, I think, will keep your gigs in the search results, new buyers will be able to contact you, but they won’t be able to purchase directly - only through custom offers made by you.


Thats a brilliant idea!

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Nice! I’ll do that thanks!

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Can’t actually do that but you can add the mutual agreement clause in the gig requirements to prevent careless orders and for that to work this feature if implemented should be helpful: