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Is there anyway to talk to a FIVERR support?

So my gig is flagged for having links that go to my youtube channel, but for some reason FIVERR marked my gig as having links to external sites for doing this, but yet in their TOS it says these links are allowed… I’m a little put off by this…

Can someone help me out. Thanks. There’s no way to talk to any kind of support on here.

Submit a request to support through that link. Hope this helps!

It could be a mistake, so a ticket to the link recommended to you is best. Also, while YouTube is on the approved list, you have to take care you don’t violate any rules in any other way. For example, your YouTube channel cannot recommend methods to contact you off-Fiverr, to receive money off-Fiverr via payment or donations, encourage the use of other links (Facebook, Twitter, independent websites) besides YouTube, etc. The channel should essentially just be a Fiverr-related channel, like a video portfolio. Good luck with Customer Support!