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Is there even a "Fiverr Customer Support" Anymore?

As of yesterday, my LEVEL 2 status was reverted back to COW status. Apparently, having one singular, short form Facebook url posted in my User Profile was a violation of Fiverr TOS. A TOS which I examined after the suspension. And found no such language which spoke of that being a violation. Anyways, I awoke to this email because it was apparently sent to me by a bot at 3:06 AM. Monday morning. When I awoke at 7:30 AM, and started checking emails. There it was.

So I removed the url. Then at 11 AM. I got an email from Fiverr, a double e-mail stating that due to recent activity…my LEVEL 2 was being removed. The second part of the email said, due to recent activity, my LEVEL 1 was being removed. Demoting me back down to COW. I contacted Fiverr customer support about this yesterday afternoon, and here we are at 2:43 EST and still NO RESPONSE from them. Does Customer Service on even still exist? Or are bots handling everything? They sure acted quickly to demote me. Yet are acting very slowly to explain how I violated the USER PROFILE URL section of their TOS. Which doesn’t appear anywhere on the landing pages rules and regs section.

I did find (eventually), the url paragraph in terms of user profiles and the rules and regs/TOS. I found it…AFTER I LOGGED INTO THE SUPPORT TICKET SECTION OF THE SITE. I found it in the Fiverr Levels section. So apparently, this nugget of info is hidden away so anyone who doesn’t log into support cannot see it? I was aware of no e-mail exchanging with clients, and no website link posting within gig descriptions. But simply posting a short-form Facebook url into my user profile. To allow people to see we’re a legit business who operates on Fiverr gets me dually demoted? NOT COOL.

I have heard of a bug that is going around that demotes people,just relax and contact CS again if you haven’t already and i’m sure they will help you out.

I’ve contacted them twice on Monday. One original support ticket, and then a second part-follow up to that ticket.

This is wrong. Why would they do this?

I dunno but it seems like maybe they wanted to get rid of me. I have completed over 100 orders. And have a perfect rating with my gigs. Not a single thumb down. I only have 6 cancellations and they were mutual cancellations. People ordering the wrong gig, and needed to be directed to the right one. I think this ties into the new rating system as well.

If too many people do well with their gigs by completing orders, and getting good ratings. They have to elevate them to TOP SELLER status. Fiverr obviously is trying to cut back on the number of people they elevate to top seller status. They do this by busting people back down from LEVEL 1 or 2 to COW. And also making a ratings system so complicated and extensive that buyers don’t even bother to rate you because they don’t wanna take the time with all the “star” nonsense. The thumbs up/Thumbs down was so much easier and sensible. I don’t even get rated anymore now thanks to the ridiculous star.

Reply to @nickj2013: Weird,what’s going on fiverr? they used to have amazing CS,fast and responsive and really do care about people,what the heck is going on here :frowning:

Well I finally got a response today from Fiverr support in my inbox this morning. They brought me back to Level 2 status. Unfortunately, thanks to the new star rating system. One of my recent gig orders was rated 4.0 in its first order. Now, I get this message…

Gig Extras and Multiple orders are disabled due to this gig’s low rating.

^ Seriously?

Reply to @nickj2013: Wow, demoted for the first 4.0 rating? This new rating system is a little scary

I sent 2 messages to CS last week and still have no response and Im Level 2 aren’t you suppose to get better Customer Service when you Level 2 isn’t that one of the perks. I don’t know if I’m even going to stay here on Fiverr anymore, they have taken down my Review Gig 3 times now stating someone reported that I was in violation of their websites TOS and they denied my Gig after it was up and running with 100% rating for 3 weeks and thats the 3rd one, I have sent CS messages every time and never have a response so I just repost a new Gig exactly the same and they deny it in about 3 weeks, its crazy. There are 100s of the exact same gig as mine on Fiverr. And now good luck on getting anywhere near the top as they have that new selection system so nobody is going to buy from the New Gig section when they can just choose from the Top Sellers List. Sorry for the long rant but Im just so pissed.