Is there ever going to be a resolution for sellers with this issue


that buyers purposely pick the lowest priced package and order you to do stuff that is not even in the scope of your gig even though your gig is clearly worded hence forcing you to addon price or cancel the order in which latter case adds to your incomplete order rating.


Time wasting cheap heads, welcome to Fiverr.


This is unfortunately a very common phenomenon.

I suppose you stand up for yourself and send a custom offer for the extra work required.

Otherwise cancelling is the only option.


I’ve had that happen before. I’m not sure how other categories might handle this, but I’m in the writing category. I tell them they seem to be asking for a higher word count than they paid for. If they don’t respond to me (as they often don’t in these cases), then I work up to the word count that they paid for and then stop.