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Is there fiverr system trouble?


i have send offer to my buyer through my fiverr apk(cellphone).
my buyer have placed order
but he can’t enter requirements.
my order status is incomplete
please how?


There’s not any rocket science behind this to understand… It simply means that when you submit or deliver the required job or work and when the buyer will mark it as Completed so it will be completed…

Secondly don’t worry because the order time is not started yet… Ask buyer to provide or submit the requirements and then time will be started as well…


thank you…
i use pc and set i have all i need to work…
and…status change to be process.
use fiverr in web is more complex than apk.


If you already have the info(in inbox) to start the order then you can start the order yourself.
If not please wait until the buyer fill out the requirements.


yes that’s right…thank you…