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Is there harm of Creating gigs as many as possible?


is there harm in creating as many gigs as possible?i really wanna get working and am thinking about creating as many gigs as possible.:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Nop! there is no issue in creating maximum gigs possible on Fiverr!
It is Good if all your gigs are related to a specific skill / category in which you are expert, but you can create gigs in different categories as well if you can deliver Quality service in each category :slight_smile:


No! You can make as many gigs per the level allowed.


You can create all gigs according to your level,
But sure you can deliver and buyer feel happy…
Otherwise don’t create…


thanks @digitalavinash


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Thanks so much @muradpk :man_technologist:


maximum Creating gigs you have to allow as per defined levels in fiverr


i appreciate a lot @sainbadshah:man_technologist:


If you’re new, then I think creating a lot (but not too many) of gigs would help because you could experiment with a different categories and see which one attracts the most views and possible buyers. And then perhaps later on you could simply remove some of the ‘unrelevant’ gigs that seems slow in getting order and start focusing on the best gigs left. Well at least that’s what I think.

I hope you do well and good luck ya! :wink:


@mrhamb i love this,you’ve given me a brilliant idea.
thanks a lot:wink: