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Is there have any option to update rating by Clients?

Hi Everyone!

One of my client mistakenly post a rating to the order.

Now he asked me if there have available option to upgrade it. He wants my help.

Actually I don’t know if the option is available or not?

So I want to know about this?

  1. Can the client update the rating?
  2. If yes, then how can he do this?

Need help about those questions.
Thanks in Advance.


He needs to contact customer support from his account and explain situation. Only way. Ans try to avoid talking about reviews as much as possible in your inbox to avoid issues.


Hello, I have gone through this before.

In my case I contacted CS explaining whole situation and sent them a written confirmation from Buyer that they made a mistake.

The result was:

CS removed the Buyer´s review (+). Buyer was not able to leave new one (-). The order was counted as finished (+). Temporary drop in SRP (-).

It does not need to work for you because any mention of review, rating, feedback in your communication with Buyer could mean warning instead.

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There is no way to change reviews. He had a chance to do it by himself by reaching out to support and without talking to you.
However now if he will reach out to support you will risk getting a warning.


Is there have any time limitation to update?

Why the reason for getting Warning if he now reach out to Customer support?

As the buyer knock at me, so if there are reason of getting warning of mine?

Because Customer Support might think that you have manipulated the buyer into contacting them and asking them to remove/change his review.

You’re not allowed to talk to buyers about reviews at all.

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Doesn’t Fiverr check our conversation before doing that?

Was he the first one to reach out to you? And you at all didn’t ask them if it’s a miste review? And did you reply something in their message?

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They might. There’s no guarantee, though.

It could go either way, maybe the review will be removed, and maybe you’ll get an account warning.


I replied after getting his mesaage that if he wants to update the rating.
Then I said “Hello” for once
And lastly I said that he need to contact with Customer Support about the matter.

You know, there is always a risk behind any action you do and I can not tell you if you get warning or not.

What would you gain if review is deleted? Not so much I believe in your case. Buyer will not be able to leave new one.

What would you loose if you get warning? You will loose your Level for a month.

And finally, what is more important for you? Your decision.

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it’s possible by contacting CS but be sure that if you asked the buyer or tried to influence the buyer change the rating then CS could take action against you!