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Is there haven't any order for me?


I didn’t get any order about 8 month. What do I do? Its vary sad for me! I don’t wanna go away from Fiverr.


Did you make some changes on your gig in last 8 months?

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I did it. Maybe, 15 days ago.


That is a problem. You should do that earlier. U must whatch your Overal Statistic almost everyday. On this forum you have a lot of topics about Overal Statistic for gigs.

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Last 30 days.

Impression 462
Click 28
Views 428


There are over 3,500 ‘background removal’ gigs on Fiverr. How can you make your gig stand out? Can you offer any other services?


Clicks are problem. U must change profile picture on your gig, put some eye-catching and make people to click on your gig. Views, 428 peoples see your gig in search but not click on your gig. Because of that u must change your gig profile picture.

It’s be better to change all pictures on your gig. Send me link for your gig.


Yup, I did. About Facebook ads, web banner. But result is 0. That’s why, I deleted some and hid some.


I think “SOCIAL GIG VIEWS” means, the gig viewed from fiverr. “GIG VIEW” means overall view. Is it work, if I view my gig by sharing social media? As like Twitter, Facebook etc?


Views are, when you scroll on other gigs on fiverr. Clicks when someone click on your gig to see your offers. About social media. If someone from social media click on your link, that will count on your clicks.