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Is there Hourly pay on fiverr

Hello everyone. So I have been a toprated on Upwork. Since I joined fiverr, I have been looking for hourly jobs because I have been dealt badly with fixed contracts. Is there away to enable hourly jobs? Or I have to wait until I finish job before I get paid? What if client claims a dispute even after doing all the jobs? And the client is at fault will I get my money? Is there milestones? I mean like can a client create milestones as I work. I prefer hourly contract but it seem I can’t find them here. I need help please as I love this platform more that upwork.


There is no hourly pay on fiverr. Which I find very unfortunate, it’d be a great deterrent for the lovers of unlimited revisions.

Fixed price only.


There is no hourly order system on fiverr.

This is very bad actually. Because I have done fixed project that took a client over 2 weeks to release my money on escrow on upwork. But I don’t know about fiverr. Can you educate me more on how the payments work here. If I finish a job now and client is away how long to get my money?

The order autocompletes in 3 days after you deliver the files if the client doesn’t request any revisions. You get paid automatically 2 weeks after that if you’re Level 0, 1 and 2 or 1 week after that if you’re a Top Rated seller.

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Okay so 14 days. One more question, how long will it take to withdraw a fund. Let say I finished a fixed job now and client ends the contract. Will I get paid immediately or will wait 7 days?

If you were doing it properly this wouldn’t happen. That is not how you do project work.

Also, hourly work is generally frowned upon in freelancing because you can’t scale it. Your revenue solely depends on the time you spend.

Why did you accept the ToS for Fiverr if you clearly haven’t read or understood them?

And why are you asking her to explain something you could easily find yourself if you looked?

The forum isn’t here to replace your research and initiative. We aren’t librarians here to spoonfeed information you don’t want to look up yourself.


It’s 14 days after the order is marked as complete. Either automatically or by the buyer.

There is also an early payout option they’re testing out now for a selected group of sellers. But I don’t know if they keep if and if it’ll be available to you. It’s pretty much press the button - get paid as soon as the order is marked as complete for some extra % either automatically or by the client.

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Okay. Thanks so much lenasemenkova
You really helped a brother.

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