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Is there limit to the amount a seller can accept for a project?

I have a huge project , which is almost lasting two month. The buyer is paying huge in thousand dollars, but I am afraid to make a offer yet.
I’m not sure, if there is a limit to how much a seller can offer? I won’t want to get banned

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Do you mean you’re workig without the buyer having placed an order with you? :flushed: :roll_eyes:

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You can see the limit you can make offers to when you click to create an offer. It says “$5000 max” (that’s for sellers up to level 1. Level 2 sellers get higher offer limits).

You also can’t create services for things that take > 30 days of service duration.


:grinning:… It is a consistent buyer

For exceptionally large orders, I like to use the Milestone system. I can split a project up into three sections. The buyer has to accept the first one before I move on to the next. This ensures I get paid at least for each accepted section and risk less work if the buyer intends to steal everything.


Thank you Very much would prefer this