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Is there no seller on fiverr? i'm bored :(

Seniors I have made my account in fiverr a month before but there are no seller ask order me yet.

Plz check my gigs and give me tip what I have to do

Seniors also provide tips on the seller forum:

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I am guessing that the image of the young

woman used as your avatar/icon is not you.

If you are a graphic designer and could create logos, you should create your

own logo and use that as your Fiverr avatar. When people claim to me designers but don’t use their own designs as an avatar, that tends to appear a bit suspicious, or make the potential buyers doubt your skills.

I do apologize though if the woman is actually you.

In the meantime, read through the forum please, you will find so many

helpful tips! :slight_smile:

Reply to @zeus777: Kristen Stewart sells logos on Fiverr? Guess Hollywood ain’t paying these days! :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @cheezees:

Ah, so it IS that girl from Twilight. I thought she looked familiar ( I haven’t seen the movies but I have seen her face on the net here and there) but at the same

time I did think that it might be a look-alike, or maybe the seller took a photo of herself and then photoshopped it to look like Kristen Stewart…

Reply to @cheezees: Sadly, I ran into Selena Gomez on the forums just the other day, and, strangely, she was having trouble making sales on Fiverr also! Too bad they didn’t learn shorthand so they’d have something to fall back on if Hollywood and Fiverr didn’t work out for them~ (gawd, that remark really dates me!)

Reply to @celticmoon: Oops! I remember shorthand too… uh… but I’m really a “young adult”… no, really… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I agree: A Seller using an obviously fake photo for their profile… certainly does NOT encourage me to buy their gigs (nor take them seriously!).


Reply to @celticmoon: hahaha…I remember Selena Gomez. Some of the Victoria’s Secret models are on Fiverr too. I haven’t seen many of them in the forum though. Maybe there’s a fashion show coming up and they have to practice. :smiley:

Reply to @regency85: My mom used shorthand back in the day. I wish I knew how to write in it. Thankfully my generation still learned cursive. I hate writing in block form only. Way off topic, I know. :slight_smile:

fix the titles of your gigs, use more vivid graphics, they look 2 generic.

On the website gig, you dont tell buyers what kind of script/web type you make.

Example, blog=engine?

landing pages? = html? html5? php?

you should fix this " I will website, Logo, Landing Pages Designer for $5 “

It should say " i will create a website for you” instead of mashing the "logo and landing page " into the gig.

This makes it confusing for buyers.

best of luck

<3 biancha

Be honest with your picture and Profile picture! The buyer want to see u !