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Is there no value of a seller's times and efforts? :(

I joined Fiverr in March 2017. Such a very short time I became Level 1 seller :slight_smile: and very colse to level 2. It’s a very wonderful feelings for me. There are so many rules of fiverr. Some of them are good and some of them are worst. But the worst thing is fiverr that there are no guarantee of a seller’s work. :frowning: . When a buyer’s id was deactivate then a buyer open a dispute against a seller and fiverr refunded his balance. That’s mean we seller is no one for fiverr !!! All the benefits are for buyer. We give our 100% efforts to complete a work. Then How can someone refund his balance just for disabling his account.
There are two buyer who refund his balance through Paypal. And Fiverr allow them to do this and nicely refund his money. Even he gave me 5 star review. This is happened twice to me. :frowning: Only this things make fiverr worst from any marketplace. But fiverr always provide first and top priority to a buyer. We sellers are nothing for fiverr? :frowning: :astonished:
I am asking a question here to every one, Is there no value of a seller’s time and efforts what he/she gave for completing an order? :frowning:

Can anyone give my question’s answer?


It really is a shame when that happens, but I honestly don’t think there’s anything that Fiverr can do. I used to handle chargebacks for Home Depot and I would do everything I could to get chargebacks dropped. I was only successful about 30% of the time. Companies like Paypal and Credit Cards tend to side with the customer.

If you’re dealing with chargebacks that’s the case anyway. If it’s just a straight refund on Fiverr’s part, then of course they have some control there.


No, Fiverr doesn’t allow it, they ban buyers who do that.


Dear, The buyer’s account already bann. And if it was happen once to me then I can agree with you. But the both time buyer’s account bann and they opened a dispute through paypal and the balance was refunded within a few minutes. Fiverr just inform me about the matter.


Paypal dispute is a global issue :frowning: Other market places also have the same issue. If the amount is high(250$+), you can request support to send an appeal against dispute. This is a frustrating situation now. I just can suggest you stay patient. More opportunity is waiting for you. :slight_smile: