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Is there really a slowdown in the IT industry in India?


@silkroute bhai can answer. What’s really happening in the IT sector in India? People losing jobs because of automation and pushback against outsourcing in US?

Since you are involved in IT, you can probably give a better idea than the media, which really does not understand anything. I was thinking with digitalization, there would be more demand for IT jobs, but I don’t know.

IT shares - TCS/Infy/Wipro/Tech Mahindra/HCL - are available for a great price right now, not able to make my mind on whether I should invest or not.

Also, I feel the Indian IT industry has for too long depended on a weak Rupee, so the newfound strength of the Rupee is a major negative. It’s good for the country, keeps inflation down and boosts savings, but negative for export-oriented industries such as Indian IT as it takes away the cost advantage they had.

@raptargraphix also in IT industry? Feel free to share your thoughts.


I know there’s been a slowdown in my gigs the past few days. Not really any new orders. I like to make around $2500+, bothering me


Yes, but what does that have to do with the Indian IT industry?


Eh nothing really lol