Is there really anything better than Fiverr


I’ve been on Fiverr for a while and it can be frustrating at times. But when the water is calm, I have to admit Fiverr is hard to beat and I mean that for both buyers and sellers.

In most cases, people don’t post good experiences (I’ve seen a few exceptions) on the forum but only post when they have a complaint. I’m not against ranting at all. Sometimes it is needed to cleanse the soul.

But honestly, I don’t think there is another freelance site that caters to so many different types of jobs like Fiverr. I’m sure there is a few out there that cater to one category (i.e. tech world) that some would consider tops, but Fiverr’s variety is tough to beat.

Does a rant always have to be negative? Ok…let me say “come on Fiverr, where is my TRS?”


I think people rant a lot because the forum is like our breakroom and people need to vent. It reminds me of past jobs. Some of mine were great jobs at wonderful places and we all worked there happily, but the breakroom was where you might end up taking a breather, getting a coffee and saying “Wow, this dumb client did yada yada today…” Other people would gripe about their boss and someone else would complain about food served at the meeting, but really it was just the need to get that out of the way and take a breath. Then everyone trundled back to work.

I see a lot positive posts in My Fiverr Stories and Tips for Sellers and Conversations. Those conversations may get a lot of boring comments and they don’t stay high on the “recent” list since everyone wants to read the juicy stuff. So, the posts at the top are often the ones about newbies with no sales on their writting poums gig, people ranting about a terribly buyer, people mouthing off at each other for a break, etc. Popcorn stuff. You might have to look in the right categories or search a little to see all the positive ones.

Personally, I’m with you. I have made more sales on Fiverr than other sites and while I don’t rely on Fiverr for my sole income, I think it’s an amazing site. It keeps getting better. It’s technically young compared to Google or Microsoft so it has lots of growing pains. It has things to improve on. If you need a place to make real cash, you have a real skill and you spend time learning how to use it, though, Fiverr is hard to beat. Except, this one seller should really get a TRS badge. I can’t think of her name…


Fiverr is really unique because it allows us to turn our skills into a neat package and put a price on it. It allows buyers to come to us and buy from us, unlike other sites where everything needs to be bid on. Fiverr gig pages allow us to package a predetermined amount of effort and put a price tag on it. I like that very much. It turns services into products.

Fiverr works very well for certain types of services. If you upskill, then the law of diminishing returns kicks in because after a certain point, it becomes difficult for average sale prices to scale up as your skill goes up. People with better equipment, higher skill and more experience can bump up their hourly prices on other sites, but it’s a bit difficult to replicate that here. Exceptional voice-over artists can still be hired for 5$ on Fiverr and nowhere else is the same service available for such a low price. People on other sites won’t even fire up their recording instruments if you told them you want them to do a voiceover for 5$.

I noticed that the glass ceiling for the higher end sellers of logo designing has stagnated at 40$/logo and PHP is stuck at 25$/hr, front end developers are stuck at 20$/hr << That is for skilled work where people upskill with new technologies and skills every 6 months, while the average prices for these skills on niche marketplaces can be up to 3X what one gets on Fiverr.

The best ‘value for time’ gigs from a seller’s point of view are the repetitive ones >> ‘I will install WordPress on your server’ type of gigs. Full fledged, professional consultancy doesn’t have a high bounty of remuneration for the effort involved. If one embraces the micro-gig economy mindset and molds their offerings as micro-gigs instead of ‘projects’, it’s a great place :slight_smile:


I agree wholeheartedly. Not enough is said about what a great launchpad Fiverr is for careers.

Honestly, I find that the Sellers with the most issues with Fiverr have set their expectations too high. I mean, it’s called “Fiverr”, not “The Moneytree”, right?

btw- good topic for discussion!


Fiverr is the best I love you guys


I personally love fiverr. I have been here for about 3 months, and the last two have been good to me. I have been getting quite a few orders, and what I do can’t really be done on an hourly basis. I have been fortunate, as I finally got the algorithm to like me, (my gig was the first result for my search term a few days back). I have learned a TON since joining fiverr. It really is an awesome site for a lot of niche gigs.


You are doing really well on Fiverr. Congratulations! Just a small correction in your gig titles if you don’t mind me pointing them out … it is “an eye catching” and “an epic.” Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Opps. Will change that on my outro gig, but on the intro one I don’t really want to mess with it. Might mess up my SEO


From what I can tell and have seen, not so much. There are those sites that came out after fiverr that tried to mimic but didn’t fair too well; some are still up. I started years ago around 2010-ish and got a couple of orders during my first two weeks; repeat buyer.

After that things slowed and issues were surfacing from my end; various types. Since I went inactive my account was closed out (Vacay Mode didn’t exist). I have tried another freelancing site where you had to bid in hopes of getting selected for a job and that was a total nightmare in itself.

If cheap buyers weren’t denying you work, the impossible ones that granted work would make your life miserable. Fortunately I found another site and it worked great till there was an influx of buyers that undermined the system so much that it was next to impossible to work; i.e. they had favorite sellers they wanted to work with but were too lazy to set up the post so that only they could see it.

That platform in particular was designed for jobs to be posted and for sellers to select the jobs and work on them. Took a break went back got three jobs done and got three rejections. 1) was for a particular seller but they failed to mention it in the instructions, 2) wanted the work to be keyword heavy and 3) didn’t like what wrote but utilized the work on their site.

So I came back here a couple of years later and offered an illustration gig. Got one job with 2 revisions and the buyer was happy. Probably should go back to illustration but any way, there aren’t many if any sites like fiverr.

One of the major draws was the fact that tests weren’t required for one to work. You weren’t limited on what you could do based on your site maturity (time on site) and there’s no need to contact anyone if you wish to sell services in a category different from the one you started with.


Fiverr simply Rocks!!! And this is a Fiverr Exclusive!!!