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Is there room for musicians to make it big on Fiverr too?

We’re a small group of musicians who have come together to try and make a living for ourselves on Fiverr. We were drawn in by the freedom to remotely collaborate with other musicians all over the world. But now that we’re here, we can’t help but wonder if we’re just selling ourselves dreams of ‘making it big on the internet’.

We’ve maxed out the number of gigs we’re allowed to upload and went to a lot of trouble to get a professional look going for our brand. We’ve only been here a few days and so far, nothing. We’re beginning to get despondent in spite of ourselves, but as the group’s manager, I have a responsibility to keep the group motivated and inspired.

I just wanted to know if there are musicians/producers out there who had started with nothing and eventually managed to earn a sustainable living from Fiverr. Your tips, hints and tricks will be much appreciated but any GENUINE, positive stories will suffice to inspire us too.

Perhaps you can have a look at our profile and drop us some comments on how we may be able to improve our offerings:

Check out some footage of us doing what we do best in the videos below:

Please don’t forget to check out our gigs and inbox us if you have any questions.

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Yes if you are really good. I have seen several top rated sellers who do various types of musical gigs and are loaded with high paying buyers. Drum riffs, putting a buyer’s musical sheets to music, they do very very well here.

My advice: NEVER go into any situation expecting that situation to be your big break. No matter how hard we try, “big breaks” can never truly be planned. They happen, when they happen, usually when we least expect it. Instead of expecting a big break, just do what you do. If you’re in your line of work because you love it, other people will see that you love what you do, and they will usually see you as someone they want to be around, or do business with.

Just do what you love – because you love it. Enjoy the ride… and see where it takes you. Work hard at what you love, and the logistics will work themselves out with time and patience.