Is there some thing wrong with my gig? Help me ! please


I’m a new seller on Fiverr for more than a month and I have zero orders.
What I can to do to improve my gig.
this is my gig URL please I NEED YOUR OPINION.


I am going to tell you why I wouldn’t order from you, in hope you can fix things.

  1. You are only here a month, many sellers say it takes months for the first order
  2. Why do you have a cartoon in your profile photo, that seems childish and unprofessional
  3. Which dialect of Arabic? each region of Africa and Asia (middle east is not a continent, it’s a part of Asia) has their own dialect.
  4. this section bothers me a bit: and if there is something I couldn’t translate I will tell you freely. If you are a native arabic speaker, how could there be something you can’t translate?
    Five) What sets you apart from other Arabic translators? You are a newbie, others with hundreds and even thousands of positive reviews…they radiate more trust than you as a newbie.

Do you promote your ONE gig on your social media?

There are hundreds of Arabic translators, why are you different?

You have to sell yourself above those other sellers. Fiverr is not any different comparing to the real offline world.


Great reply from @miroslavglavic, fix everything he/she pointed out.
As for your first order, I recommend making posts in some Arabic facebook group. Additionally, you might want to add some samples of your work to your FAQ or add a link to your portfolio to show how good you are.


Thanks a lot that’s really what I want to know.
I will take all these notes in consideration.
thanks a lot for your time.


thanks, @ssj1236 I’ll change FAQ and make a good portfolio include a sample. that’s all precious for me.
Many thanks.


I am a buyer that orders writing gigs to include translations quite often. I’ve had my book blurbs translated into various languages, including Arabic.

There is 1 reason why I would not buy from you.


You have too many spelling and punctuation errors in your gig and profile. Your sentence structures are hard to follow. If your writing isn’t flawless then I can not trust your translation will be either.

I will only hire sellers, that having writing gigs, that are better than me.


Thanks, Gina
You give me the buyers opinion, THAT’S WHAT I NEED.