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Is there something I can do?


Hi there!

I’m not sure if this is the correct secton, but I want to explain my experience in the last weeks.

I try to make clear everything possible in my gigs, prices, what includes each package, and I always suggest to contact me before ordering, for a better experience.

However, weekly there are 3-4 buyers who order me, and they order the basic package (5$) I have, but in the description they explain features included in the premium package.

When I try to contact them, usually they do not respond, and don’t agree with order modifications.

My gig cancellation rate is now 86% due to this :frowning:

Can I reject buyers orders at start without affecting my stats? I’m feeling insecure with this system.



I have check your gig “I Will Create A Reddit Bot For You”

I think you should give more details in this gig.

Basic : Basic reddit bot with simple features.
Standard : Most of reddit bots, includes basic features and 1 advanced feature.
Premium : Full application bot, integrated in a desktop application or in a web app. Any kind of feature.

This is a bit confusing. What is “simple features” and “advanced feature” You should point exact features. Try to give more detail.


They are explained in the FAQS, due to char limit.


So it seems it is not enough. Right? Even I get confused. Try to write mor details in each package description and gig description.


Well, I’ll try to give it more details :slight_smile:

However, the orders I’m talking about are from people who clearly even did not open the gig, what can I do in those situations?


While you can not decline an order before you would have to cancel it, you can try to add the separate gig package descriptions to the gig’s description or try to find a more concise way of wording it inside of the package descriptions. You could also add a message to your gig description to ask for any interested clients to message you before ordering. Because of the way Fiverr works, there’s not too much you can do other than take any precautionary measures necessary to make sure your customers are properly informed.


Well, I’ll explain here my last example:

“A basic feature is considered something very simple, such us reply to your comments, tell random jokes, or similar things. An advanced feature is like upvoting every comment you write, log every post from a subreddit, integrate an API, or make a custom app which integrates reddit.”

This is explained in my reddit bot gig, and my last order is a 5$ bot from someone who ask 10 different advanced features, including upvoting which is clearly defined as advanced feature. Still no response from this buyer.


If the problem is defined by people that order ten features for $5 playing with confusion, you could offer only one package with ten features, in your case the “Standard” one, priced at $25.
Customers that need something more or something less should ask for a custom order.

For the description: you could move part of the current description in the FAQ to make room to the descriptions contained in the FAQ.


Hello, no you can’t reject buyers at the start without it affecting your cancellation rate. We all experience this at times.

All you can do is keep cancelling when they want more than they paid for.