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Is there something i need to do?

i joined fiverr last year august and i’m yet to get an order. guys please if there’s something i have to do please help me out.

these are my gigs

reviews and advice. thank you


How often do you update your Gig description, FAQs, pricing or even thumbnails? Try creating a video for your Gig. It also depends on Gig categories you are offering: there are many Sellers and a lot of competition going on.

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Alright. i will that. thank you very much @arnukas

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Why not let us know what you have tried so far.

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the usual way requesting for buyer and sending some offers. thats it @eoinfinnegan

these are my gigs

please review and advice. thank you

The samples you have on your card design gig are blurry. Add samples that clearly show example of your own works not those copy pasted from the internet. Do that with all your gigs.

You are doing one of the most common used category and it is the most crowded place - Data Entry. You are competing with thousands and thousands of sellers over there, and in my opinion, data entry Gig is worthless. There is just way too much sellers on that category to at least earn a dime.

Be creative, think of categories that aren’t crowded (yet), don’t look anything on youtube, it is a reason of why categories get flooded by unexperienced Sellers that want to earn money fast.

Alright @kev250 I will work on that. Thank you much appreciated. :+1:

@kev250 their my own work. but i think its the processes i used in grouping them and converting them to picture format.

alright @dntkachairing i will definitely consider that when creating my next gig i appreciate it a lot. thank you.