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Is There Something I'm Doing Wrong?

Hey everyone, I’m a particularly new user here on Fiverr, and I’m sure you’ve all heard this before, but my gig isn’t doing so well, and I’d like expert advice as to what I should do to remedy that. I’m not entirely sure if this is good or bad (newbie sorry :sweat_smile: ), but as of 8/25/18 I have 37 Impressions, 38 Clicks, and 51 views, but still no sales. I do professional facial retouching, and I like to believe I do it well. I’d love if any of you could help me out here, any and all recommendations or constructive criticism would be appreciated, thanks!

Hello, I will take a stab at it.

That disclaimer at the end of your description is downright unfriendly and not needed. I have not seen anything like that before on fiverr. It’s not a good idea to include a threat of any kind in your description.

Also since you have packages and need some reviews to get your sales started, the second and third packages need to offer something extra beside simply multiples of the first package. For example, you could offer four pictures for $10 rather than two, and ten for $20.

You are in a very competitive niche. If you have any more samples to display somehow it would help too.

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I was thinking the same thing too honestly with the disclaimer, thank you for the second opinion. I’ll definitely remove it! As for the advice on the packages, I’ll try something along those lines, thank you so much @misscrystal it means a lot! :heart: :heart:

Hello, I would like to give my two cents on this. Honestly, your skills are good. Photo editing is something very requested “in general”, but you have also to understand how many requests of this are requested online “in this specific moment”. I mean, it’s a very niche topic. Your stats are common, there’s nothing to be worried about. You need to continue to work and showcase your talent. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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@manuelmarino Thank you so much! That’s really sweet! And I’ll most definitely keep that in mind, I knew from the get-go that I was going to have tough competition, although since this is what I love doing, that isn’t going to discourage me. Thank you again! :heart::heart: