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Is there something wrong with my Gig?


May somebody help me,

I’m new in this fiverr, and few days ago I had post my gig about whiteboard video.

Till now, I still have no order, but when I see to my gigs information there are 37 viewers.

Is there something wrong with my gig? Or is there any incorrect grammar (cause english isn’t my primary language)? Or it’s doesn’t look interest ?

Please help me to solve this :frowning:

This is my gig “”.


Your white board is pretty good actually.

I think you just need to write a better profile.

All it says is this:

customer satisfied is my first priority #1

How about including a bit more about your training, education or professional experience. Did you look at all the top sellers of whiteboard videos? Go research them and see what kinds of things they write and get ideas about how to make your gig better. Then at the end of the paragraph you can say Customer satisfaction is my #1 priority.

And yes, there are a few mistakes in terms of grammar. A sentence always starts with a capital letter and ends with a period. In the above statement you do not need to say first priority and then also include the #1 at the end. It’s either my #1 priority or my first priority.

Also, you need to just give it time. Sales don’t always come right away. Try also to promote and advertise your gig in other places too to help you get your first job.


Reply to @sincere18: Nice suggestion, thanks to you, hopefully that will work on me.