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Is there still room for improvement?

i consider this is top notch… i like how my gig is looking, any tips or weakness you guys see?

thank you everybody!

Your gig does look really cool!

Just curious: have you communicated with customer support about contacting people outside of Fiverr? It’s usually safer to ask them for permission, since generally that’s now allowed.


Yes! i reached out and they where very resonable, very nice and instructed me on the topic.
as long as you tell your customers in the description it seems to be fine.

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Your gig looks really good now. The video definitely adds an extra dimension.

Are you getting any inquiries?

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not yet, i’m still waiting for my first client

thank you so much guys! appreciate the help a ton! :grin:

I really hope your first order comes soon. You deserve it.

What’s the market like for music tutors? Are others getting sales?

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There is not much in the way of guitar lessons, i saw some very basic gigs like: “i will teach you a chord fo $5” stuff like that, but not really a guitar program, that gig was getting some sales… the other i’m not sure