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Is there violation with the people who post a request but doesn't have intention to order?

Good day buyers and sellers!

I just want to ask if there is a violation for those people who post a request but don’t have any intention to order? I notice some sellers who post a request and their fiverr gigs category that they offer is similar to the post that they request. I think some seller use this as a strategy to waste the 10 offers that other seller have. By the way, no offense, I just notice it. Thank you

Yes. This is what they do. All kinds of crazy. And no, you can’t really do anything about them.

There are like people who do not cover their mouths when coughing. Crazy, ignorant, ridicule, but still there, walking around the fruit aisle, coughing their way, oblivious to what they are doing.

And what I hate the most is today when I say something they think it is because of COVID.

NO. It is not COVID. It is common sense.

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No, I use buyer request to send reminder note to the logo requesters.
Saying “Beware of the logo scammer, they will use online platform to generate and then trace the image …” and give them some tips on how to find better sellers :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what exactly illegal you see in that.

If they are trying to sell their services through buyer requests then yes they might get a warning.

BUT if they are looking to hire someone for the same service they are offering it only means that they are resellers and there is nothing wrong about it.

And how would you prove that they really didn’t have intention to buy?

I would advise you instead of creating conspiracy theories to concentrate on your gigs, portfolio and your business. Looking at other’s people business and just wining how they are more successful and probably breaking the rules has never brought anyone’s business to success.

Hey, first thing, I don’t say that there is illegal, I only ask. Second, do you read what I have said carefully? It’s really noticeable that they posting a request which are same category to the gigs that they offer. How I prove that they don’t have intention to buy? This is just common sense; why would you buy to a seller which have a same category that you offer. And lastly, I said no offense because I’m just asking, I don’t make any theories and didn’t tell that they are breaking the rules.

No, it’s not common sense. If it’s a legitimate request like “I need a logo done” then they just might be a resellers.
There is nothing from common sense in posting requests if don’t want to buy anything. Even if someone will post a request without buying something it’s still never against any rules.
If you come to a store and ask sales professional to show you a vacuum cleaner but at the end reject to buy it. Is that illegal? Absolutely not. People can choose if they want to buy something or not or simply change their mind.

Example of common sense will be “you can’t take a picture from the internet that you didn’t design and try to resell it as yours”. That’s common sense. But “they posted request asking for the same service that they are providing and I think they are just trying to use 10 offers from other sellers” is not a common sense at all.

If they are posting something like “I sell logos, reach out to me” then it is against the rules.

I read it and clearly said that what you are describing looks more like reselling case.
If you mean something different then you need to check again what you wrote and if there is a language barrier from your side and if you were able to describe it correctly.

If the buyer in the buyer request seek gig under the same category as they did, I might say, yes maybe they are reseller (which are too risky job on services gig) or maybe they just wanna dig how other seller reply on buyer request. you think?