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Is this a 5$ gig scam?


I dont do this type of service, and I recived from some one a 5$ to basically follow he’s directions and click to a website that he linked me and also to download a JPG file in attaced.

this looked so suspicious so I didn’t do anything of what he said.

did some recived any gig of this kind??

Screen of conversation in attaced.

let me know! should I contact support?

Thank you!

Honestly, it doesn’t seem to me like a scam at all. He’s trying to test whether his ad clicks are registering. It’s likely against the TOS of his ad company, since you can’t pay people to click on your ads (plus, it sort of defeats the purpose), but it doesn’t look like he’s buying traffic (since buying traffic from a single person is silly), just trying to see if his ads are working.

That being said, don’t take my word for it, and don’t visit the website if you feel unsafe. I’m just another user, so I can’t advise you.

Hi @alessiobux, glad you posted this to the Forum!

In short, whether or not this is a scam, it’s certainly a bit fishy for many reasons - sounds like that’s why it got your “spidey sense” on alert.

For starters, I would generally avoid clicking unknown links as a matter of good habit. You have no idea what the link is going to connect you to, and it’s a terrible way of getting spyware or viruses onto your computer.

Secondly, as @yukihyou has pointed out, it likely is against the TOS of his company, and it also may be against the TOS of Fiverr, depending on the context.

On top of the above, I would never trust someone who already is behaving in a shady - and untrustworthy - manner. This person could easily threaten you with a bad review as soon as you do what he/she is asking, demand a refund, and go to another Fiverr Seller to do this to. And there are plenty of other possibilities.

In short, I say listen to your gut on this one - you were concerned enough to ask, because it clearly seems a bit odd… and that’s probably for good reason. It’s just not worth it.

Thank you guys!