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Is this a bad idea?


I need someone to log in to my Facebook account and do some social media work for me. Is it a terrible idea to give a stranger my FB password? I suppose it is. what do you think?


If it has anything at all personal attached to it, the common sense answer would be it’s not very sensible.

Still, you roll the dice, you play the game, as they say.


Just be sure that seller is a trusted person.


bad idea? Yes it is.


Does sound a bit risky but if you feel that you must, I’d guess go with a seller with a very positive high feedback both in percentage and sales that does this type of work and to change your password after work had been done and before leaving feedback. But be careful still.




I’ve done work like this for clients in the past, but it’s almost exclusively been on a fan or public page, not on their personal page. I wouldn’t give out the personal page info, no.


Let them give you the content and you input it yourself. You should never give your password out to anyone. Know what you want first. If it is for SEO purposes check out this thread to avoid getting scammed.