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Is this a big problem with Fiverr?

One of the biggest problems on this website is that there too many talented and skilled individuals selling their services at ridiculously low prices to compete with each other. In the last few months I have sold one gig which received a five star rating, I know my services are pretty good but there is just way too much competition and I feel as though my gig isn’t getting seen, perhaps the algorithms aren’t tuned correctly… or maybe big sellers are the only people who show up on the front page and that’s why little guys like me don’t get many sales.

I have been selling my services on another website that doesn’t even have my services as a category for triple the price that I have put on Fiverr and I have sold 4 or 5 in the last week alone. That’s more money and more sales in less time.

OTHER WEBSITE that doesn’t even have my services categorised (hard to find) - 1 week, 4+ sales
FIVERR - Several months on two account, 1 sale

I am making this post not to hate on Fiverr but because I want to make money here on Fiverr. If people like my services and have only given 5 star reviews what is the problem here?

P.S: Yes I have two accounts, I lost access to my first and have contacted support for it to be removed :slight_smile:


You do realise you’re only allowed one account on Fiverr, don’t you?

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Yep. Forgot my email and password for my other when I reset my PC a few months ago.

Do you have any advice for what I’ve written? thx

Might be better to just drop a line to CS, and ask them to remove your previous one, so you don’t get into any bother! :slight_smile:

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In terms of your gigs, they look great, but you’ve got a lot of competition, so you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. You can have up to 7 gigs when you start, so make the most of them!

This link might help a wee bit too:

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Don’t get me wrong, you said you have only made one sale with two accounts, that would mean you have access to the other account to know it isn’t making sales. People forget password but in your case you seem to have forgotten both email and password? (suspicious)

If I was up to something I would haven’t mentioned it. I don’t even know what you could do with more than one account that is suspicious. I have around active 15 emails and many inactive, it easy to forget when you have this many lol. Can we keep this on topic? Cheers.

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Here is the reason why you are not getting orders, I am currently taking some lessons from some top rated sellers I met, the thing you should ask yourself is what are you doing for fiverr. When you post a gig fiverr expects you to do your part in bringing in customers. Most sellers sit back and expect fiverr to bring in all the traffic. In the real sense fiverr sometimes waits to see if external sources are clicking you links…
Link from fiverr internal is…
Link from fiverr external is…

When someone clicks through fiverr external it has a higher impact on your gig… If I keep going this topic won’t end… So in summary try your best to promote your gig to a select group with an interest to actually buying your gig…


OK, thanks for the advice, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

There are a lot of designers on here, so the competition is tough. You will experience a long time between orders or have to drop process to compete in your category. You might have to start low and build your profile and feedback in the short term to be able to increase prices in the long run.

The other way is to look at niches. You can have your ‘I will design a logo’ gig, but alongside it you might want a gig that says ‘I will design a sports club logo’ for example. Niches are great on Fiverr, but are so underused.

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Thanks for the advice! :smiley:

Thanks for the advice guys, I will be sure to work on what you’ve suggested.

Do you guys think that the new ‘PRO’ badge feature will only make this problem more of an issue on Fiverr? I think it’s a great idea to make sellers feel as though Fiverr cares about them but it also seems to me that they may only be focusing on big sellers and not potential future big sellers.

P.S: I have just contacted support about my inactive first account so I don’t get into any bother. Thanks for that also.

Agree with your point about bringing our own buyers. How would you go about doing that? I’ve tried FB ads and Google adwords, but the profit margin is so low that at the end of the day you either break even or keep running into a loss. In fact, my profit margins are way higher when I don’t advertise.

I’m not hating on Fiverr. I freaking love this place. And I’m constantly looking for ways to take things up a notch.

Would love to get your ideas on how you are bringing in traffic.


You are looking at it in one direction, I am not mentioning any sites in particular because I don’t want to advertise any site. Try to make fiverr your final destination so there will be several middle people, bring traffic to a small site with a small community, the site will be so happy it in turn brings traffic to another of your site, then that site will bring traffic to your fiverr. Ps. I haven’t actually tried this method, in fact my fiverr account will remain dormant for two more weeks then I will put my learning into action.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you are advertising your gigs on Facebook, then Fiverr is your final destination and FB is the middle man bringing people in.

I’m not sure what you meant by the analogy.

facebook is a big company and has a lot of competition of ads. Now if you go to a smaller company chances of your ad being clicked is higher because they have a target group… Say you offer A product and go to facebook, there are other people offering A product and it will be a battle of how long your ad will be displayed vs that of others. Now if you go to a smaller company there is less competition which means your ad will be displayed for a longer time at half or even quarter the price…
Lets stop hijacking another seller’s post.

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We are adding valuable information here Phantom. Plus you’re being a huge help in me understanding that I might be doing something wrong. I know I sound like a noob when asking these questions, but who cares when you get a chance to get on the right track and start promoting gigs the right way.

Thanks for the help.

P.S. I’ve tried sites like Reddit, BHW, and also bought banner ads on some smaller sites but the conversions weren’t worth the hassle.

I’d take @uncarved 's advice over in the 3k a month thread and seek out FB groups and message boards and see if the efforts bring some Benjamin’s in :slight_smile:

Won’t spam though. I know that’s a recipe for disaster.

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Here is where some seller’s go wrong. Your fiverr gigs are small fish compared to businesses out there who have alot of cash to pay advertisers to reach a bigger group. Take facebook like a huge track, everyone loads their goods in it so that they can reach the final destination, in that track your fiverr gigs are the size of a letter. The track will move slow because it is overloaded. Take smaller ad companies like a small pick up, it only has a few parcels, chances are your letter will be visible after moving two boxes. The pick up is faster because it is not overloaded hence can make more trips.