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Is this a bug? - 1 Review, 0 stars


I just noticed this. Is it a bug, or why does my gig show 0 stars, when I clearly have a 5 stars review? :confused:


Yes it is… :beetle:


Yes its a Glitch not to worry, File a technical ticket and they will refresh your Gig, Review is of 5 stars


Okay. Good to know. I was worried that the buyer might have removed it somehow and it was only visible to me.

Thanks guys! :blush:


Oh I also have the same issue. :neutral_face:


Yep! Contact CS to help you out.


Yeah, I have the same problem. I originally thought it was the buyer but I think I will contact fiverr.


Lots of people are having this happen now. When you guys write about it to customer support send them a link to this forum so they can see it’s a bug and widespread.

Here is a thread someone posted about it: