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Is this a bug?Excessive use of "face"?


I typed the “user interface” and prompted me excessive use of “face”? Then I changed them all to “UI”.
Another question, why can’t I use “face” too much, but “UI”?

Thank you.

How many times did you use “Face” word?

you use one keyword more and more

There are about twenty …

Yes.But I changed all “interface” to “UI” without warning.

Technically it’s a bug if it’s claiming you’re using the term “face” too much but that word isn’t actually in the description, but “interface” is, that many times. You could report it through the support desk.

Maybe they do it to stop keyword stuffing but in my opinion they’ve set the threshold too low as, depending on the gig, you can need to use a particular word a certain number of times. It might be worth mentioning that, if it’s being used legitimately they should allow it. Maybe they should take the percentage of times it’s used into account and use a good threshold value, while also do a better job of splitting words if possible.

Maybe they have a dictionary of words they check and they check the counts of them appearing in the description and maybe “UI” isn’t in that list? Though that doesn’t seem a very efficient way to do it.

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Yes,I will report it.
Thank you.

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Make sure that you don’t use same word like “face” so many times. please change gig disscription.

You use the term “user interface” over and over. You can take that out completely without the meaning changing at all. Stop saying “user interface” completely. You don’t even need that.


Yes, you are’s a bit wordy… :sweat_smile:

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