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Is this a bug or did Fiverr remove the gallery feature?

Here’s my gig:

And another:

I’ve been on the site for close to 8 years but there’s only 1 audio sample (from an order) that shows up in my Gallery feature for these gigs.

This one has ZERO samples:

However on these gigs, I have a full gallery of samples (although sometimes the sample is the Commercial Rights document that I include with orders instead of the actual audio that should be featured):

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Have you tried checking your gig gallery using different browser or clearing cache and cookies on the current one?

In the 1st gig I can see 3 of your samples + 1 delivered work sample; 3 samples in the 2nd gig and two samples on your 3rd gig.

Hope this helps. :sunny:

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Hey, I just joined and gallery feature is there. But my video went for review and it’s been 24 hours but hasn’t been updated on gig. I think there is some kind of bug

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Hi Odal456,

You’re seeing what I’m seeing so it must not be a browser/cache issue. I’m seeing the same on desktop and mobile. Just my uploaded demos and one sample from an order. But I have probably close to 200 orders on those gigs and only one recently delivered sample showing from them.

Yes,i think it is

I dont know it happens sometimes when we search for our gig we dont see video of the gig. After a few days it gets fixed automatically. I dont think this is a browser’s issue. Because I tried finding on other browsers as well.

How could it be an issue with my browser/cache if it can be replicated on someone else’s computer?

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