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Is this a Bug..! Your Access To This Website Has Been Blockedq

Early today i have submitted a new GIG about AutoCAD 2d and deleted two gig and paused two gig as because i haven’t got a single order from those gig. After that when i tried to share my new gig by converting as shorten link using bit*ly, it shows, Your Access To This Website Has Been Blocked. I am so worried about it… What is that…? is that a bug…! This is my first bad experience here on Fiverr. Btw. before i shorten my gig link i have converted that gig link into fiverr affiliate link. Please solve this issue…


Hi Sajib,
May be Fiverr doesn’t allow to shorten its links.


Really…! Are you sure about that…? As far as i know we need to shorten those affiliate links before posting, as because people don’t like long crappy looking links… Still i am not 100% sure though…

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I’m not sure either but it looks like or may be an error

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Ok… Anyone knows…?

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Share an image here.

What I assume is that you wanted to open too many Fiverr pages at once, and they require you to do a Captcha to get access back. Or you just wait for a few minutes.

As I said, share an image and people here will get a much better idea.

However, remember we are sellers like you. Don’t expect anyone to solve your issue, only customer support can do that.

Wow…! new here on this forum, so don’t know many things… nvm. I was expecting some comment from forum mod or dev. They use this forum too you know. Sometimes issue get fixed quicker when they saw this type of topic.

I assume you got this message on other website, not fiverr, correct?


Usually Fiverr staff don’t reply to threads.
If you want to contact Fiverr about it you could use this link:


But I don’t think they’d allow the shortened link, especially not with some other site. It’s also not being transparent to the person clicking. I’d change it to a normal link (the one they generate, without shortening it).

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Number 9: Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020

On links, number 7 from the above and:


Though the issue is with shortened links pointing to the gig rather than in the gig description pointing out. But I still don’t think Fiverr is allowing shortened links with the above site for its affiliate programme based on what’s shown above.

Yes on other website… not on fiver

Got your point… I will contact support then… Now here is another issue just happened… link not working for me… it says 400 bad request… i am replying here from my Email… what’s wrong…?

Thank you imagination7413 … i am replying from my email… not working for me now… it says 400 bad request… :frowning: what’s going on ?

Try logging into the forum and clicking the click.
If the link to that URL didn’t work try the email address given ie. If that doesn’t work you could try the address or go through the help desk for a support ticket.

Sometimes I find this happens on the forum. If I completely close the browser and come back it is fine.

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I tried… first time it works, but then again same issue now… Thank you all guys… I have sent mail to support. Lets see what they say… :slight_smile:

I am so sorry for trouble… 400 bad request also fixed now after removing cookies from my pc. You guys are awesome… :slight_smile: