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Is this a bug?


Is this someone else experiencing?

I was on top - top 10 on with my main gig if you wrote “crowdfunding”.

Now im like at 150 place.

The more positive reviews I got the lower rankings I get.

Last week I got like 10 positive reviews and my gig is one of the last in our category. Even new sellers with 1 review or 0 reviews or sellers with 4 or 4.5 rating are infront of me.

How is that possible. In last 48 hours I got 4x 5 reviews and I went down for like 15 places.

My sales went down. Before I had 4-5 orders per day, now I didnt get any sale last 72 hours even though I get at least 80-300 views, before I had 300-900 views.

Anyone else experienced this?

Will my gig grow again in time?

Thanks for answres!


It randomizes.

The gigs used to be ranked according to how active a person was. So, the more you delivered, the higher you climbed.

They changed that now. The ranking algorithm is ridiculous. It prioritizes new gigs.


It also prioritizes lower ranking gigs. I got in my main gig 3, 4.5 rate, rest was 5 rate. Overall 4.9 - my gig is probably top rated in our category but there are like 30 gigs infront of me who have rates from 4,5 - 4,7.


There is no rhyme or reason to rankings any more.